Genuine Shree Ram Darbar Murti

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Genuine Shree Ram Darbar Murti

Product specification

  • Materials: Hand carved in soapstone
    Size: 44 inches
    Weight: 250 kgs approx
  • The material used in it is soapstone . Our best artisans wonderfully craft this sculpture. For more such statues browse our website.
  • This soapstone statue has been hand carved by skilled artisans and depicts a man deep in thought.
  • The natural colouring and textures of the stone have been left to make this even more of a unique piece or artwork.
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Genuine Shree Ram Darbar Murti

Bring home the divine presence with this magnificent Shree Ram Darbar Murti.

  • This intricately handcrafted statue features Lord Rama, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman together in a beautiful darbar setting.
  • This Shree Ram Darbar Murti will make a stunning centerpiece for your altar or puja room. The fine craftsmanship captures the grace and divinity of the deities, allowing you to feel closer to their presence. Place it on your home mandir to be reminded of their teachings and blessings each day.
  • Ideal for devotees of Lord Rama who want an elegant statue to focus their worship and meditations. Bring home this Shree Ram Darbar Murti today for an elevated puja experience.

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  • Most of the worlds soapstone originates from Odisha, India and so is home to the best soapstone artisans and carvers. The talc in soapstone is soft to touch, hence the name. Before starting work the stone must be immersed in water to make it even softer and therefore easier to work with. Using a hammer and chisel the main shape is carved out.
  • Soapstone is a natural material that is found abundantly in India and our collection features a wide range of statues, figurines and decorations. Each piece is skillfully hand carved in Odisha, India by talented artisans.
  • Due to the minute carvings and detailings, keeping pink stone statues in rain or sun is not recommended. It may affect the detailings done on the stone. We advise dusting the statue with a dry cloth to prevent dirt from accumulating on the sculpture. This will keep the sculpture in good condition for your grandkids and their grandchildren after them.
  • Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your marble statue from Channel M2 Art Studio , (91) 9937169163 or


  • Shipping costs are extra and will be calculated based on the customer’s shipping address. This item cannot be returned or exchanged. Please contact us for any queries or concerns. If you want to do Insurance on your statue or sculpture its optional it will paid by you. For any product related quires contact us on (91)9937169163 and
  • Tracking Numbers: Once your order has been Verified it was picked up by Carriers and we will notify you a tracking number.
  • The shipping price is automatically calculated from Odisha, India to the destination in the online checkout. Or you can get a shipping quote by clicking the Calculate Shipping link beneath the Add to Cart button. Shipping will be calculated based on the weight of the sculpture and the distance to the destination from our showroom.
  • For placing the statue our customers have either placed the statue themselves with help of a friend and a tool like a hand truck or a dolly. Or by contacting their landscaper who is used to moving large and heavy objects like rocks and trees into place. For much larger and heavier sculptures sometimes the customer needs a piece of heavy equipment for placing the statue like a crane or forklift. If you have any questions contact me directly at or +91 9937169163


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Weight250 kg
Dimensions24 × 10 × 44 in

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